Who we are and what we do

Hi, we’re Matt & Nerissa, along with our 2 boys (let's call them D and Z).

We're the family behind The Locals, based in Winnipeg, Canada.Family Behind The Locals 

We started in 2019 with the same mission we have today - give local products, businesses, and entrepreneurs a bigger platform so everyone can shop as local as possible. 

Right now we do that in the form of our store at Outlet Collection Winnipeg, but you may have seen us in other places - markets, other local stores, Hudson's Bay, even other malls!

We're driven by the support us and local businesses have received in the last few years - there's a push to shop local, and we've all become more aware of the result of keeping our money in the local community.

Our biggest message to you? As local as possible. As undeniable it's been that GLOBALLY business has made things so easy for us, investing in LOCAL alternatives is an investment in your own community, more sustainable for the environment, and higher quality.

So, shop local with us! Follow our journey on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay in touch.

Keep being awesome,

-Matt, Nerissa, D, and Z