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The back of the tongue provides a particularly hospitable environment for many anaerobic bacteria because as it tends to be poorly cleansed, and it often harbors a number of substances on which oral bacteria feed—tiny remnants of food, dead epithelial cells, and postnasal drip, etc.

These very bacteria have been linked to periodontal problems, accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, and gum ailments, and there is mounting evidence that these bacteria are also linked to several systemic pathologies. Tongue scraping eliminates the very toxins that cause these illnesses.

Copper exhibits a characteristic called the oligodynamic effect, which is lethal for bacteria and viruses. This property makes it the perfect metal for oral hygiene as it prevents growth and propagation of oral microbes.
Our ergonomically designed copper tongue scrapers are made of pure copper and come in their very own jute bag. They have thick rounded handles for ease of use. It is recommended that tongue scraping with a pure copper scraper be done, following each brushing, to maintain optimal dental hygiene.

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