The Locals Mom Box
The Locals Mom Box
The Locals Mom Box

The Locals Mom Box

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Thank the woman that brought you into this world! 

In this box of awesome, she’ll find 3 bath bombs to help her de-stress from hectic days. Don’t worry, we all know that it’s not easy to get free time to take long baths- so we also included a shower steamer that can be used up to 4 times. That’s 7 days of spa like treatment for your mama! All hand crafted by Smooch Bath and Body here in Manitoba.

Next is our favourite bag of locally roasted mom fuel. By that we mean coffee. Coffee that will be there for those early mornings or sleepless nights. Poured in to a cup that says it all: “I’ll be there for you” - coffee. 

Lastly have her cozy up in our Manitoba Mama sweater- a sweater so soft it’s like a hug.

All these wrapped up in a box that defines our awesome mamas. Or at least tries to. 


[muhth-er] noun

the person with extraordinary superhuman abilities who can survive on 4 hours of sleep.
Skilled professional with experience in finance, medicine, negotiation and culinary arts.

Person who always believes in you.

See also: Superwoman, Wonder Woman 





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