GUATEMALA whole bean coffee

GUATEMALA whole bean coffee

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340 g | 12 oz

[medium roast]

Full-bodied with flavours of brown sugar, nuts and milk chocolate

This is a microlot coffee grown by Gilberto Ramirez and his family. They live in the heart of San Pedro Necta in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. This area is known for its beautiful highlands surrounding a canyon, which provides different microclimates for growing coffee, and is enriched with the Mexican gulf winds.

The Ramirez family owns one hectare of land for coffee production. This is their livelihood and were paid about 30% more than the locally designated "fair trade" price for this coffee.

Gilberto, his wife and two children also run a local transport service called Tuc Tuc that provides them with some additional income. This service is like a little cab for two persons that fits through the small village streets.

Gilberto and his family speak both Spanish and Mam (ancient Mayan language).

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