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Our North American diets are full of sugar and fast food. I have always wanted the best for my family, this includes high quality, natural foods, free of additives. Low Carb Mama aims to provide this with snack foods that are packed with flavour, saving you time and money!

Diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, obesity and cancers are on the rise and at a younger age. Everyday I hear people say their bodies are in pain, riddled with inflammation, but usually we wait until we are told its too late before we attempt life style changes. Why? Often it is too hard to find the fast-easy replacements for what we enjoy and are used to. I myself have osteoarthritis and full well know what this feels like. Having switched to a low carb lifestyle five years ago, I’ve found tremendous relief from the dietary changes I made. It has become my mission to help others find an easy way to transition and stay true to the new lifestyle changes they make. The hardest adjustment was finding replacement for my so loved recipes utilizing ingredients that were truly low in carb and actually tasted awesome. This meant many hours in the kitchen trying and perfecting recipes until they were just right.

From our family to yours we hope you enjoy easy, tasty u-bake low carb mixes, and impress your family and friends with your food creations.
Here’s to less time in the kitchen and more time for relaxing, doing the things you love!

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