Cacao Maca Almond Butter

Cacao Maca Almond Butter

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Our Cacao Maca almond butter is perfect for when that chocolate craving hits. Cacao (pronounced '“Ka-Kow”) is the raw form of chocolate. This form of chocolate is less processed, there’s no added sugars, and it’s higher in antioxidants. Maca is a type of root native to South America and it has been studied for improving energy levels, mood and balancing out hormones. This flavour is finished off with a hint of cinnamon, making it the perfect ingredient for any baked good recipe that calls for nut butter.

This flavour is also great for spreading on muffins, mixing in with oatmeal, or mixing in with a fruit salad.



Almonds, maca powder, cacao powder, cinnamon


Store at room temperature and stir before enjoying.

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