Mindful Monk - Dark Chocolate Almond Squares

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If you love healthy all-natural chocolate with almonds, then our almond flavour is the one for you. Dark, rich, and creamy with a hint of saltiness, it’s no wonder almond is a fan favourite. Our pure monk fruit juice sweetened dark chocolates are the perfect guilt-free keto snack packed with nutritious ingredients that leave you feeling good afterwards. Our favourite Mindful Monk rituals include: - Pairing with your favourite drink (coffee, tea, water, or wine) - Eating it as a 3 PM snack to hold you over until dinner - Adding it to the end of your meal for dessert - Using as a keto fat bomb / keto snack to increase your daily fat intake Breaking fast and fueling your body with good healthy fats Diabetes Friendly | Keto Friendly | Plant-Based | 100% Natural | Monk Fruit Juice | Refrigerated | Women-Founded | Handcrafted in Canada by a Mom Who Cares Each pack contains 2 pieces.

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