Sinus Eye Mask Combo 1

Sinus Eye Mask Combo 1

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Our eye mask combo includes a fabulous buffalo plaid flannelette covered eye mask, vapor rub and aches begone lotion.

The eye mask is filled with whole organic flax seed and can be used in the microwave or the freezer depending on the need. Can help minimize migraine discomfort, block out the outside world or use for sleeping.

Our vapor rub and aches begone lotion are both naturally based. The vapor rub can be rubbed on throat, chest, bottoms of feet and under nose when having cold/flu/sinus issues. The aches begone lotion is perfect for discomfort in joints and aches and pains. Perfect for creating a aromatherapeutic bubble around yourself throughout the day.

Makes a wonderful addition for your self care kit or use as a gift for a loved one.

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