Spice of Life Gourmet Hot Sauces

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Choose From 5 flavors that range from mild to mouth burning hot!!

Hot Pepper Sauce 

A tried and true Hot Sauce. No surprises here with our Habanero sauce. Great for everyday use and carries a consistent burn from beginning to end. Shelf life is 2 years

Made From Scotch

Described as ‘Jamaica in a bottle’ this pure Scotch Bonnet sauce will have you dreaming of Sunny Jamaica! This sauce provides decent heat and pairs well with anything Jamaican! Shelf life is 2 years

Million++ Pepper Sauce

Quite Simply the hottest natural Pepper Sauce that we produce. We take some of the hottest peppers in the world and combine them to make this Pepper Lovers dream. Taste the heat and flavour of Ghost Peppers and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. Not for the faint of heart. Shelf life is 2 years

Not So Hot Sauce

As our mildest sauce, our Not So Hot Sauce is made with Jalapeno. You will find hints of lime in this flavour-forward sauce. Pairs well with Tacos, Nachos and fantastic to use in a guacamole Shelf life is 2 years

Tropic Like Its Hot

This sauce blends habanero, jalapeno and pineapples to create a great sweet heat balance. A winner on Pizza and Chicken Wings for the sweet spicy lover in you. Shelf life 2 years

Holy Smoked Pepper

With the same heat level as our ‘Hot Pepper Sauce’, our award winning ‘Holy Smoked
Pepper Sauce’ will keep you coming back for more. This sauce has a great smokey flavour combined with Habanero peppers which is perfect with soups, stews and to put a kick into any BBQ’d meal!

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