Vedalife  Kansa Wand

Vedalife Kansa Wand

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Kansa is an ancient alloy of copper and tin, and has been around for approximately 5000 years. It is considered a sacred metal, traditionally used in Indian and Tibetan traditions to make temple bells. It also mitigates the three Doshas, viz; Vata, Pitta and Kapha from the skin, even reaching the subcutaneous level. The Kansa metal is also naturally antibacterial, making it an ideal massage tool for hygiene reasons as well. The Kansa wand can be used with a variety of products such as oils, serums, creams etc. Our antique style, deluxe design Kansa wands are patent pending and are exquisitely handcrafted by traditional master artisans in India, called ‘Kaarigar”. Their unique design is inspired by aesthetics reminiscent of the luxurious lifestyle and golden era of Indian royalty.

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