Manitoba Shaped Wordle game

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Who doesn’t like to play this simple game of Master Mind mixed with Boggle.  This 5 letter word guessing game is like the Mastermind game where you have 6 chances of guessing the player’s word. Every time you guess the correct letter but in a different position, a orange peg is placed in the letter’s spot, while a green peg indicates the correct letter and position of the word.

This wooden game is made from Baltic plywood and is about 5/8″ in thickness. The wood is sanded and stained to ensure the edges are smooth and durability. It comes with a muslin bag with a mixture of letters (at lease 2 sets of each letter) and orange and green pegs. Note: Since there can be a large array of words, there might not be adequate letters to use for each game. A repeat of letter is simply used from the previous turn and placed on to the current term.

Have fun!

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