Self Care Gift Box

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“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you”- Katie Reed

Sometimes it’s impossible to find the time to just relax and hop in a bath, but when you do find that time, we want you to make it count! We’re here to make that happen, with this perfect bath bomb and bath salt duo. Oh yeah. That’s right. We’re going all out on this one. 

For the days when a bath just isn’t an option- we also got you covered with these amazing shower steamer that can be used up to 4 times! 

That’s 5 spa days all in this box. All of these are carefully and beautifully created by Smooch bath and body.

We have also added a bouquet from the woods, hand picked and put together by The Little Wood-chipper.  These bouquets can be displayed in your home, but it is also used as a fire starter, why not open a bottle of wine and relax by the fire after that bath of yours? 

** scents for the shower steamers, bath bombs and bath salts are assorted**


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