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Get a bright, wide-awake look—no matter how much sleep you got the night before—with our Sparkling Hydrogel Under Eye Mask! These collagen, pearl or cucumber-infused hydrogel masks work to brighten, hydrate, and reduce visible puffiness around the eyes. They’re the perfect quick pick-me-up for puffy, tired-looking eyes. Ditch the dark circles and revive your skin with our Sparkling Hydrogel Under Eye Masks! We love that they’re quick and easy to use (just pop ‘em on!), making them perfect for a quick pick-me-up at any time of day or night. Comes in three variants: 1. Mango with a boost of Collagen  2. Pomegranate with a little sprinkle of Pearl 3. Avocado Cucumber with juices to help in Brightening Each tub contains 60 pairs of juicey eye masks! All our Sparkling Hydrogel Eye Masks are eco-friendly and biodegradable! ♻️

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