Reusable Unpaper Towels Black

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SET OF 10 Reusable Cloth Wipes - a MULTI-USE item!


Use these wipes as:

*baby wipes for little one's bum, face and hands

*facial tissues

*makeup removal

*pet wipes

*workout/gym wipes


*cleaning cloths

*burp cloths

*wash cloths


Use dry, with water, or with your favorite personal OR household cleansing solution.

Wipes are approximately 8" square with rounded corners and are 2 ply.

They are made from 100% cotton flannel.


Washing suggestions:

If lightly soiled, wash as usual with the rest of your laundry

If heavily soiled, presoak and wash separately or with similarly soiled items (i.e. if used as diaper wipes they could be washed with cloth diapers)


Slight fraying may occur after washing but this does not affect their use.

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